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I’d been to Mama’s on Washington Square a few times before LB’s arrival on the scene and I enjoyed it very much.  So when my friend suggested that we take our boys there for breakfast early on a Wednesday morning, I thought it was a great idea.  I know that there’s normally a wait on the weekends, but I couldn’t imagine that would be the case at 8 AM on a random Wednesday.  I got a little nervous when my friend, who lives in North Beach, said she would get there early to be sure we were in the first seating.  My Little Buddy doesn’t do lines. 

Some background:  When LB was 3 months old, I joined a playgroup.  Normally, I’m not a “group” kind of person, but this was the best decision I’ve ever made.  I met some wonderful women from a variety of backgrounds that otherwise I would not have gotten to know.  I’ve loved getting to know all of the babies and it’s been really fun to watch them all grow and develop.  I’ve also found in these friends a great source of information – important things like which sippy cups to try and what classes are fun to do with LB.  It’s also hysterical to watch the babies interact with each other.

At the very first meeting I went to, LB and I made friends with Max and his mom.  Max is a fiery red-head who also happens to be part Asian.  Yes, he’s absolutely adorable.  At our first playgroup meeting when the babes were 4 months old, Max and his mom were playing this game where Max would pull up from lying to sitting to standing using his mom’s fingers to balance.  It was really impressive to LB and I, especially considering LB’s best trick was a tentative (at best) roll from front to back.  “Max’s mama is smart,” I thought to myself.  “I could learn a thing or two from her.”  LB looked at me as if he could read my mind and we’ve been friends with them ever since. 

We used to meet up a few times a week to hang out.  However, now their naps don’t match up – Max has matured to one nap and LB still needs two in order to make it through the day.  We decided to try an early morning breakfast. 

I was late.  It was early and I zoned out as I made the turn on Broadway from the Embarcadero.  I was in Pacific Heights before I realized what had happened.   No, dear readers, I am not a morning person.  I called Max’s mom to tell her I’d be late.  I felt like such a jerk since she’d been waiting in line and they wouldn’t seat her until I arrived.  Luckily, I found an amazing parking space right in front and there were still tables. 

The menu at Mama’s is pretty standard breakfast fare: eggs, pancakes, French toast and the like.  They have a nice selection of pastries as well.  We both opted for Cinnamon French toast with berries. We ordered at the counter and were directed to take a large booth in the corner.  It wasn’t really an ideal set up for two high chairs, but it was a nice big booth.  We decided to try the boys sitting on the booth.  They loved it – not much sitting happened though.  Lots of walking and standing up took place in between bites.  The waitress was very nice and bought us a booster and a highchair so that we could experiment.  I think next time around, we’ll just strap them both into the highchairs where they can’t escape.

Breakfast came pretty quickly.  The boys traded berries and cheerios back and forth while Max’s mom and I tried to eat and have a little adult conversation (and by adult conversation, I mean we talked about our boys and their little issues and victories the whole time).  I also learned that LB can eat an orange out of the rind.  Another big milestone occurred when Max and LB decided they would share Max’s sippy cup.  I know, I know, lots of germs, it’s still cold season etc…but it was pretty cute to watch them pass the sippy cup back and forth.  Max even held it for LB while he took a sip.

I think Mama’s is a great choice for breakfast with your baby.  It’s laid back and nearby there’s the Joe Dimaggio Playground on Greenwich between Columbus & Powell.  If your kid is a morning baby like mine is, you can easily get there early enough to avoid the wait.

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2 Responses to Mama's on Washington Square

  1. Dave Martin says:

    Great post Mama, I’m with you, it’s a kid friendly place if they provide both high chairs and bunker seats. You were wise to have your friend save you a place in line though. I might even try it if I lived in the City.

  2. Thanks! I think avoiding the line is key. Better to spend those precious moments eating! Although if I went back with my husband, I think one of us could wait in the line and the other could play with LB in the park across the street. It’s a good spot!

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