It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday and we had friends in from out of town.  Before taking on a walk around Chrissy Field, we decided to stop on Chestnut Street to have a bite to eat.  I hadn’t been to Chestnut in a while and was happy to notice a new spot, Delarosa.  From the outside, it looks like the kind of place I usually love – chic but comfortable Italian.  I excitedly pulled my group inside.  And then I cringed.  It was a whole restaurant full of community tables.  Why, oh why, can’t this trend die?  I hate community tables.  Here’s why:

1. I don’t like to eat with strangers. I am a private person and I don’t like the thought of other people hearing my dinner table conversations. 

2. I can’t help but listen to the people next to me and then I can’t make conversation with the people I’m with. 

3. They are terrible for eating with kids.  Highchairs never seem to fit at them and it’s always stressful when your child is that close to other diners.  The risk for ruining someone’s meal probably triples.

I will say that these particular community tables are better than most.  They have nice individual seats and the high chair actually fit comfortably at the table.  Since there were four of us plus my Little Buddy, we were able to split sides and put him in the middle, where he was be unlikely to bother the strangers next to us.  The most redeeming quality of these particular community tables was that they were very smooth and shiny:  perfect for zooming matchbox cars across the table.  LB was very happy to discover this.  Luckily for me (and for the people in the line of fire) our visiting friend was a tennis pro and so she has very good reflexes.  Not a car got past her. 

Our waitress was very nice and as usual LB flirted his little curls off.  (He has curly hair now.  It’s really cute even if he is starting to look a little girly.)   I ordered an Arugula salad and split a pizza with Matt.  We ordered meat balls for LB.  The waitress thoughtfully mentioned that the sauce was spicy, so we put it on the side.  No need to risk the Mijita reaction.  The meatballs came pretty quickly and they were a hit.  He ate every single one of them.  (Meatballs – now that’s a trend that I hope sticks around.  The pizza got mixed reviews from our group.  The crust wasn’t the best I’d ever had, but it was acceptable to me.  Matt really didn’t like it and every pizza we’ve had since he comments “This is so much better than that place on Chestnut!” 

To be sure, nothing really blew me away food-wise.  However, everyone was friendly to LB and he could definate;y have eaten more meatballs.  But the community tables make it hard to call Delarosa a sure bet.  It’s got a fun vibe, but there are probably better places to eat with a toddler on Chestnut Street.  For an older child, though, Delarosa has a casual but upscale feel that could make it a nice spot for lunch or dinner.

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2 Responses to Delarosa

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the IDEA of community tables. But in practice, it’s weird. I don’t find more interaction going on between diners, we just happen to be at the same table. Maybe I put off a “don’t talk to me” vibe?

  2. mamaundercover says:

    Ha. I wish I put off that vibe…actually I do find myself connecting with strangers now that my Little Buddy has mastered the word “HI!” I don’t mind as much as I used to though. It’s hard to give someone a curt answer that says “please don’t talk to me” when they are really just stopping to tell you how cute your kid is.

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