Last month a new restaurant opened in the area between South Beach and Potrero Hill, Skool. Matt read about in on Zagat Buzz and so on a lazy Thursday night, we decided to check it out.  The owners had previously been affiliated with our favorite sushi place Blowfish Sushi. 

Parking is easy in this neighborhood and we found a spot right in front of the entrance.  There is a large patio that is a perfect “happy hour” spot.  We arrived at 5:00 and were the first diners.  The interior is bright and earthy with lots of wood and beautiful polished wood and glass tables.  It’s very slick and doesn’t appear to be exceptionally kid-friendly.  However, we were warmly greeted and given our choice of tables.  The hostess quickly brought over a high chair for LB, who gave her a very charming smile. The kid is going to be trouble someday – he knows how to turn it on.

The menu at Skool is fish-focused and strongly influenced by Asian flavors.  One of my favorite dishes is mussels and usually at a good fish place, I order them.  I hesitated though.  With no kids menu we were going to have to share with LB.  (At $18-$30 an entrée, he does not get his own unless I am positive that he will eat it.)  Matt and I looked at each other.  We each made the same assumption, that LB wouldn’t eat the mussels.  Even though we have been extremely cautious of not forcing our own likes or dislikes on our child, in this case we were guilty of something worse.  We assumed that children don’t like mussels. 

Knowing how much I love them, Matt encouraged me to order them anyways and we decided to order an extra side of frites for LB.  Matt selected salmon, which is always a hit for my little guy. We entertained LB by showing him the open kitchen and chatting it up with the staff.  It’s always a good thing to be early to a restaurant.  There’s a different kind of energy  – the air is kind of filled with the positive anticipation of the night – and that’s always a good vibe for a little one. 

Our food arrived shortly.   The fries were served with a miso aioli for dipping, which is LBs new favorite thing to do, so they were pretty popular.  The salmon was light but it was a nice portion, good for sharing  The mussels were exceptionally fresh.  Once again I was reminded how silly it is to make assumptions.  LB loved the mussels even more than the fries.  The staff couldn’t believe how many he gobbled up.  Never have I been so proud to be proven wrong.
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